Creepypasta is being ridiculous!

This shutdown has caused some obvious issues as well. I've been looking around and, as you can see, everyone is upset. This shutdown was supposed to last 3 weeks then unexpectedly bumped up to 2 months, and whoever said that this was a community vote is full of crap 'cus, first of all, there was no voting and second, 10% of Creepypasta (most of that being those with power) were the ones "voting" for the chats shutdown.

Also, Cleric is kinda upset about this as the chat is the ONLY real-time thing that exists on the wikis. Here’s the proof before you tell me I'm lying;

The rest of the proof is in the million-&-one threads and logs that were made. They shouldn't be too hard to find.

Also, there wouldn't be so many issues if the mods and admins would actually follow the rules themselves and keep order by doing what you are actually supposed to. You are the role models of the wiki and others will do as you do and do what they want because you can't mod the chat correctly.

Wanna know what happened to the members of the chat? They got less civilized and more insane. They didn't get better, they got worse. So far, NOTHING has gotten better, nothing that can be found.

This is just plain disappointing.